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About Haunted Mansions

If thoughts of the Disney Haunted Mansion bring you spooky thrills and frightful chills, collecting memorabilia themed around the attraction is certain to delight. Disney Haunted Mansion pins, such as a set featuring the hitchhiking ghosts Ezra, Gus and Phineas are ready to wear, trade or to display in a full collection of your favorite finds. Some of the jumbo pins, each several inches wide, even glow in the dark. If a Haunted Mansion prop is more your style, you are in luck as well. Findings such as a resin-cast door handle shaped like a serpent or a ghostly bust statue with eyes that seem to follow you around the room serve as replicas to actual Disney Haunted Mansion props found at the famous attraction. Some props are made from the original Disney prop molds as well. No matter what type of spooky memorabilia you prefer, reliable sellers on eBay offer an ever-changing assortment of gear bound to get you excited for your next trip to the theme park.