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About Hatsune Miku

Your fascination with J-Pop has spilled over to anime theme songs and it was only a matter of time before you met Hatsune Miku. Miku is a singing voice synthesizer persona with a huge cultural impact among manga and anime fans all over the world. Besides comics and cartoons, she has been featured in video games, and even performed in concerts as an animated projection. With over 100,000 songs to her name, there are countless Hatsune Miku CD compilations and you can find a large inventory of these on eBay. As a global icon and cyber celebrity, Miku’s 3D concerts are always sold-out and she is a popular character at cosplay conventions. If you are planning on going to one of these conventions as Hatsune Miku, then you should know that your cosplay costume is not complete without her signature long turquoise pigtails. So, make sure to include a Hatsune Miku wig in your shopping list of Miku collectibles.