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About Hatches

You always dreamed of buying a boat and, with plenty of saving, you managed to get a used boat for much less than thought. She needs a few repairs to make her seaworthy, of course, and the hatch on the deck is almost hanging off. A deck hatch serves a vital function for the crew on any vessel because it not only allows access to the bowels of the ship, but it also prevents crew members from taking an accidental tumble. Even if the hatch is in good working order, if it does not sit flush with the deck, it can often cause a trip hazard. This problem can be solved by adding a hatch cover, covering any sharp edges and being starkly colored to attract the attention of the crew. Whether you are looking for an antique hatch to have your ship looking like the day she was launched or newer modern alternatives, you can find everything you need on eBay. With plenty of reliable sellers and a range of shipping options, you can browse a great selection of deck and cabin hardware without ever leaving home.

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