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About Hasselblad

When the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, they took pictures with a Hasselblad camera modified for use in space. Hasselblad has been around since 1841, originally as a trading company, but the founder's son was a photography buff and the company quickly branched into camera making and is famous for it today. When the Swedish government captured a downed German reconnaissance plane during World War II, it turned the camera over to Hasselblad to develop a Swedish version. For today's more down-to-earth photographers who don't need to take pictures on the lunar surface, Hasselblad makes a long and distinguished line of cameras. Hasselblad digital cameras are a major player in the medium-sized digital camera market after a false start and a bad call not to pursue the technology. You can find plenty of Hasselblad cameras on eBay, from vintage models to the classic 500C to the latest products, along with all the accessories needed to take great pictures.