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About Harryhausen Toys

Jason stands on a cliff top, desperately fending off reanimated skeletons; Perseus flies through the clouds on the back of his winged steed, Pegasus; and Sinbad battles a saber-toothed tiger. These are just some of the vivid cinematic moments that exist, thanks to the work of Ray Harryhausen. The American visual effects artist, who sadly passed away in May 2013, brought his unique brand of stop-motion monster mayhem (known as "Dynamation") to dozens of films, including "Clash of the Titans," "The Valley of Gwangi," and "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad." For fans of the master's work, there is an exceptional range of merchandise available on eBay, such as DVDs, magazines, and books that Ray Harryhausen signed. If people want something interesting to put on the shelf, there are also many fascinating collectables, such as Ray Harryhausen toys based on his most famous creations, and meticulously detailed ornaments. For fans of movies, and mythological beasts in general, merchandise relating to the work of Ray Harryhausen is a better gift than even the Golden Fleece would be, and thanks to reliable eBay sellers, you will not have to go on seven voyages to get what you want.