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About Harris - Hunting

Harris radio equipment has a history of use in military and industrial applications for over a century. Known for its robust construction and durability under adverse conditions, vintage Harris radio equipment has become very collectible. There is a whole variety of RF units, transmitters, and radios available on eBay from reliable sellers. A set of three military radios allow you to communicate with other members of your hunting party, long after your cell phone has stopped receiving a signal, and you can brag that they were used in military operations. You can even be able to give them a big surprise when you get back to the hunting lodge by broadcasting a recording of a bear’s growl through a vintage military RF amplifier. You’ll have never seen them look so pale. Should the three bears really come a-knockin’, call the rangers for help on your Harris Orion mobile radio. It might not be vintage, but it still comes in handy in a crisis. Over and out.