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About Harmony Kingdom

Adorable dragons, wide-eyed kittens, and crocodiles in a rowing boat: These are just a few pieces in the beautiful Harmony Kingdom figurines collection. These unique collectibles are handmade of crushed marble and resin, in the heart of the Cotswolds in England's West Country, by Martin Perry and a small team of exceptionally talented artists. The finished products, made in the tradition of the cottage industry, are wonderful studies of funny animals, mythical creatures, and even Disney characters, which are sure to delight collectors old and young. If you know an animal lover, who has a space in his or her display cabinet, then a Harmony Kingdom cat, frog, or turtle would make the perfect gift. Similarly, fans of animated movies such as "Beauty and the Beast" will be thrilled with something from the Disney Harmony Kingdoms range, including Mickey, Jack Skellington, and Winnie the Pooh. You can buy cute Harmony Kingdom figurines from the vast selection of reliable sellers on eBay, so you will not need to take a trip to England to add to your whimsical collection.