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About Harley 16-inch Wheels

Sitting atop your cruiser taking in the roar of your engine as you glide down the road, you probably are too clearheaded to worry about how your wheels look. A set of 16-inch Harley wheels can add a great finishing touch to enhance your bike's profile. You can find a variety of Harley wheel styles to suit your personal taste. For example, 16-inch black Harley wheels often have a shiny black outer rim that makes your tires seem bigger, giving your bike a more powerful appearance from the side. You can also find wheels with thick black spokes that would set your bike apart from typical Harley thin-spoke wheels. The 16-inch Harley chrome wheels are popular as well, and can lend your bike a classic appearance, especially if other fixtures are chrome as well. The fat spoke design is popular in both chrome and black wheels. You can find a huge variety of new and used 16-inch Harley wheels on eBay to finish off your bike with style or replace an old wheel.