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About Harley Derby Cover

Shielding, styling, and standing out from the crowd, the function of a Harley derby cover is so multidimensional that it is hard to pin down. However, this essential piece of sheet steel is a must-have for any contentious Harley owner. Used as a shield for the clutch of your bike, the placement of a derby cover keeps dirt, dust, and debris away from this important mechanical component while also allowing riders easy access to it for basic repairs and maintenance. Depending on the model of your bike, you need either a five or three-hole Harley derby cover, but that is where the requirements end. For most Harley owners, the design and style of their derby cover is as important as the model of the bike itself. Often chosen as a custom element, Harley derby covers come in a variety of colors and finishes as well as with special markings and emblems, including the Harley-Davidson nameplate itself. Choose which derby cover you want based on your aesthetic sense, riding style, and budget. It is easy to explore these options on eBay where everything from shiny steel to dangerous black Harley derby covers are easy to find among the abundant inventory of motorcycle parts. Standout style and performance-based protection define the important role a derby cover plays on your bike. Choose a model with the kind of aesthetic sense that reflects you, and discover a unique and fun way to update your bike.

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