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About Harley Carbs

Whether you are nursing that old Harley back to health, or putting your first bike together, you do not want to overlook the impact a quality carburetor will have on your finished project. The Harley carb offers the best in performance and dependability for your ride. The Harley CV carb has polished slides that make for quicker throttle response, and a finely tuned end result will meet your motorcycle once you have received the best in smooth idle and throttle responsiveness. The Harley dual carb and other models offered would match just about any motor you could work with. Harley carbs are available as complete units or as replacement parts and accessories on eBay, including rebuild kits, spike air cleaner intake filters, and dual throat spacer block chopper bobbers. The Harley carb comes in new and used condition for a wider range of choice. If you want to do more than bring your carb up to speed, add a boost with high flow brass inlets, dual carburetor intake manifold insulator block throats, or a custom EVO chopper carb kit.