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About Harley Bobbers

For a beloved motorcycle brand, Harley bobbers and choppers are the sincerest form of flattery. Before bobbers, there were choppers and both represent significant modifications to stock motorcycles. While choppers end up with custom components, such as chromed parts and longer forks, Harley bobbers are unadorned and more affordable to make. Making a bobber out a Harley-Davidson requires some mechanical skills as it involves the removal of non-essential parts in order to save weight. The two common modifications involved are the removal of the front fender and the shortening or "bobbing" of the bike's tail. While choppers involve modifying the bike's frame, a bobber usually keeps the frame of a stock motorcycle untouched. These Harley bobber frames are either salvaged from scrapped Harleys or custom-made by third-party manufacturers. To fully flesh out the frame according to your needs, you require the right Harley bobber parts. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of Harley-Davidson components and accessories offered by sellers on eBay.

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