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About Harley Big Bore Kits

Whether you want more horsepower for your ride is a no-brainer question with a simple answer. Harley Big Bore Kits increase the displacement of your engine, taking you from 96 cubic inches to a whopping 103, for example. This translates to bigger, badder, louder, and more powerful — however, many of these kits include catalyst mufflers or headers for compliance with state and local laws. Look for a Harley 88 Big Bore Kit in the vast inventory on eBay to take your 88-cubic inch stock motor to 98 cubic inches with all necessary components, such as cams, cylinders, pistons, clips, air cleaner kits, integral breathers, clutch spring, mounting hardware, and gaskets. Cam spacers may be included, or may be purchased separately. For hogs with the famous Evolution engine, look for a Harley EVO Big Bore Kit. When you are finished upgrading your ride, have the electronic control module recalibrated by a Harley-Davidson professional mechanic. With so many Harley Big Bore Kits to choose from, you can be riding with more power under all that chrome in no time.

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