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About Harley Backrest

Miles of open road with nothing but sunshine and clear skies mean two things: a beautiful day for a bike ride and a sore tailbone. Without a Harley backrest, even the most comfortable hog can become your worst enemy after a few hours in the saddle. Don't wait and see how you feel 300 miles into your trip?plan ahead to ensure comfort for the long haul. The two most popular types of backrests are a Harley passenger backrest, and a Harley touring backrest. Unless you want a human backpack adding weight and heat to your backside for a few hundred miles, invest in a passenger backrest. This makes long rides more comfortable for both you and whoever is hopping on the back of your bike. A touring backrest takes comfort up a notch by a more substantial frame, padding, and adding armrests. These backrests as well as several other styles are available from reliable sellers on eBay. With a Harley backrest, you can sit back and relax all the way to Sturgis.