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About Harlequin

In digital and brick-and-mortar bookstores, romance exists in two categories: Harlequin, and everything else. The publisher has built a reputation for stories that follow relatable characters and their paramours. The best part? Harlequin romance books offer something for everybody. Subcategories in the publisher's catalog act as arrows that point romantics in the direction of the type of story they enjoy most, such as the American Romance tales that take place in small towns and star small women eager to build a life and family to call their own. The Blaze novels sizzle with hot, steamy scenes, while the Heartwarming books focus on traditional values like family, community, and true love. With so many books to choose from in new and used condition offered by trusted sellers on eBay, readers can whisk themselves away to settings fantastical and realistic, such as budding office romances, sweeping estates and castles, and Hollywood movie sets where everyday women fall in love with superstars. No matter your tastes, no matter your wildest daydreams, Harlequin spins dozens of yarns for you to unravel at your own pace.

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