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About Harem Pants

You finally get up the nerve to take belly dancing lessons and are ready to shimmy your stuff; but you need some harem pants before you can hip bump with confidence. One of the most versatile and comfortable types of trousers ever designed, harem pants fit loose and lazy between the waist and ankles, where they are drawn tight with elastic or strings. They are perfect for dancing or even evening wear; it all depends on what fabric they are made from and how you match them. Black silk harem pants paired with strappy heels and a loose, sequined tunic is a great formal look that is more flattering than fussy. If dancing is your game, chiffon harem pants move with your every step; just add a matching choli top and a coin belt. For a more modest costume, top the harem pants with a beledi dress or saidi top. Shop the broad selection offered by the sellers on eBay for all the raqs sharqi costumes and accessories you need, or browse for an elegant pair of harem pants in silk, satin, or velvet to add oriental flair to your next special occasion outfit.