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About Hard Hats

Ping. A stray nail from a nail gun might make a small sound as it hits a hard hat, but that small sound means big protection. Without the barrier of a hard hat, a stray nail could cause serious injury. Fiberglass hard hats are standard safety equipment on construction jobsites where a stray nail is just one of the dangers workers face daily. Heavy objects that fall from above are another danger that these hats protect against because there is a liner that leaves space between the wearer's head and the hard top of the hat. Hard hat liners also make the hats more comfortable to wear, since workers must keep them on for many hours each day. While standard construction hats do not include much of a brim, cowboy-style hard hats do include a wider brim. Regardless of the design, all hard hats must be MSA-certified to ensure safety standards. Sellers on eBay offer a wide range of hard hats so you can put safety first on the jobsite.