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About Hard Briefcases

Nothing says "professional" quite like a hard briefcase. The traditional gift at graduation, owning one is a sign that you're ready to enter the adult world. You can carry it into job interviews and then set it onto your new desk in dramatic slow motion, like a lawyer on TV. Aside from fueling your fantasies, however, a black hard briefcase fuels the pride you take in your job. Making sure that you have the right equipment is half the battle. Briefcases hold papers, pens, pads, and, these days, even laptops and tablets in an easy-to-carry case that won't mess up that new suit. Each model says something a little bit different about you and the way you operate, from pure leather cases to a Samsonite hard briefcase in coal black. eBay brings together reliable sellers to give you choices. Pick the case that best speaks to your brand of professionalism, and turn up ready to face the day with a hard briefcase.