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About Hankies

As part of an old Irish wedding custom called the "lucky handkerchief," The bride embroiders a fine, vintage or heirloom hankie with her name and wedding date, and brings it with her down the aisle. She may use it to wrap her bouquet, sew it inside her dress, or simply carry it in her hand. Then when she has her first child, she uses the hankie as a lucky bonnet for her newborn. Handkerchiefs have bespoken romance and tradition since the 14th Century, and they are known to have been used as early as first century Rome. The plot of Shakespeare?s Othello hinges on Desdemona?s handkerchief. During the Renaissance, kings and queens prized their handkerchiefs made from the finest fabrics and trimmed in the finest laces in Europe. Handkerchiefs appeared in wills and dowry inventories. A virtual photo tour of fine vintage and antique handkerchiefs awaits you at eBay. Browse the listing, and find many lovely heirloom pieces either singly or in estate lots. Start a family tradition that lasts for generations by making a gift of an antique handkerchief from mother to daughter.