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About Hanging Lamps

Imagine the cozy, warm feeling you get from using an antique kerosene hanging lamp instead of your usual lighting. The flame’s flicker would be especially welcome in the deep depths and darkness of winter, and you and your family could gather 'round and tell traditional ghost stories. But if that’s just not your bag, you can find other lamps on eBay. A vintage lamp elegantly brightens up any dark corner while adding a retro look to the room. For a real conversation starter, an odd mid-century modern Danish swag lamp might do the trick and would look particularly good in a home office or study. Many people have lamp collections, so beyond giving your room a completely different feel, you can browse the range of antique lamps. A Tiffany hanging lamp always makes a great addition to any collection, as would an unusual floral lattice work porcelain lamp. For a quirky new acquisition, you could do worse than a Lucite purple grapes swag light that would forever remain a talking point. It would also shed some light on the beauty of your collection.