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About Handmade Quilts

Handmade quilts are family heirlooms that span the centuries and call to mind those simpler times when visiting grandma was the highlight of your summer. The vast selection of handmade baby quilts on eBay mean that you can have the homemade quilt quality without spending hours putting that quilt together yourself. Perfect for covering the new crib and keeping baby snug and warm, a quilt celebrates the happiness of home and family. Soft cotton fabrics mean that handmade patchwork quilts are the quintessential covering for your bed, couch, or even for your table top. Easy to clean and stitched by hand or by machine, quilts offer both fashion and function. Celebrate your country chic with gingham checks or pretty flower patterns, or choose a wedding quilt to commemorate that happy event. Handmade quilts make gorgeous gifts for college-bound students who want to carry a tiny bit of home with them on their travels. Pretty patterned rag quilts in chenille and flannel keep you warm while you snuggle by the fireplace in the winter, and they brighten any room with cheerful colors and pretty patterns.