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About Handkerchiefs

While it is merely a hemmed square of thin fabric, a handkerchief has many uses. It might be seen peeking out of the pocket of a dapper young man's jacket, tied around the neck of a gritty cattle herder, wrapped around the forehead of a sprinting soccer player, or attached to a long, wooden stick, packed with basic belongings. Often called a "hankie" for short, a handkerchief offers a useful product for wiping up small spills or dealing with stuffy noses. In addition, lending one can offer a tender gesture to someone experiencing grief or sorrow. Shoppers looking for hankies can find a wide array on eBay in new and used condition offered through reliable sellers. Men can find a variety of great products, from a single crisp, white handkerchief to a bundle of colorful pocket squares. Women might be interested in a large lot of vintage handkerchiefs for various craft projects, including the creation of pillows, quilts, and wall hangings. One-click purchase makes buying handkerchiefs an easy, breezy shopping experience.