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About Handel Lamps

While Louis Comfort Tiffany might be the most famous name in art nouveau lamps, the Handel Lamp Co. of Connecticut carved its own niche in the market, and later the hearts of antique fanciers, with its reverse painted shades. Handel lamps, produced between the 1880s and 1930s, catered to consumers who were just beginning to bring electricity into their homes, and capitalized on the art nouveau popularity of curving lines and shapes drawn from nature. The company's reverse painted shades include elaborate, all-over landscape scenes, birds, plants, animals, and flowers; some cover the entire shade while others are colorful borders. Handel lamp bases are also notable and include everything from curves and lyres to human figures. Consider, for example, a lamp with a reverse-painted image of a knight on a charger. One can usually authenticate Handel lamps with a signature on the reverse side of the lamp. If you want a lamp to complement a Mission decor, or just want a one-of-a-kind treasure from the past, you can find your favorite among a vast inventory available on eBay.