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About Hand Soaps

Your mother probably always told you to wash your hands before eating. Although you grudgingly obeyed her, washing with hand soap not only instilled good habits, but also prevented a lot of illnesses. Hand washing is the easiest and simplest ways to prevent the spread of disease; in fact, the CDC even calls it a "do-it-yourself vaccine." Water is simply not enough, as many of the germs collected on your hands hide in the skin's fats and proteins. Using hand soap helps break the surface tension of water, letting the germs rise to the top so they wash away easily. Most soap brands are actually very effective and it's just a matter of preference in brand or scent. You can find many types, from Dial to Bath and Body Works hand soap from reliable sellers on eBay. Before you even sit down at the table, remember what Mom always said, and wash those hands before you eat.