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About Hand Fans

In the sultry heat of summer, it is not enough to dodge the crushing temperatures and miserable humidity — one also has to retain one's style while doing so. A hand fan is the perfect answer to avoiding the rivers of sweat that come along with July and August while also maintaining your composure. These fans are particularly useful at outdoor summer functions where formal or evening wear is expected and temperatures are high. An antique hand fan is a beautiful accessory even if you never have to use it, and it immediately establishes that you appreciate the finer points of taste in self-care and comfort. A silk hand fan may complement the right evening gown while also, in a pinch, serving to keep air moving around you, and thus, cooling off your skin. Keep one in your handbag or in the shawl of your dress so that it can be removed quickly and put to use, displaying its beautiful patterning while bringing ease and relaxation. You can find a hand fan through the vast inventory on eBay.

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