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About Hamsa

You are a guest at a wedding, and you notice the woman next to you has a Hamsa bracelet dangling from her wrist; this stunning piece of jewelry is complete with a hand-shaped amulet surrounding an eye. Among Middle Eastern and Jewish jewelry, a Hamsa is meant to protect the person who is wearing it from the evil eye and bring her good luck and happiness. For a little bit of flash with your good luck charm, get a Hamsa bracelet in gold or silver with cubic zirconium accents in shades of white or blue. A Hamsa charm bracelet on a rope chain with four or five representations of the charm in a row would certainly be a conversation starter. eBay offers a huge selection of Hamsa items from reliable sellers who offer convenient shipping options to get the items you want delivered quickly. Purchase the Hamsa pendant separately and wear it on all of your favorite chains and bracelets. You will never have to worry about bad luck finding you when you wear the Hand of Fatima on your Hamsa bracelet.