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About Hammocks

Forget spending thousands of dollars on a dual-adjustable-firmness bed with a memory-foam topper. The surprising news is that if you?re having trouble getting restful sleep, the answer just may be...a hammock. Hammocks have been around for centuries in Central and South America and the Caribbean, where they are known as hamacas. Christopher Columbus was rumored to have brought back the hammock from the West Indies and introduced it to Europe. The iconic rope hammock you see in tropical calendar photos is not the only choice; for some, the wooden spreaders at each end can make it harder to get into and stay in. Latin-style fabric hamacas, without spreaders, envelop the body like a cocoon, rock back and forth soothingly and safely, and many believe it imparts astonishing sleep benefits. Think about it. It?s the ultimate non-pressure-point sleeping surface. You will find both styles on eBay, plus ultra-lightweight, ultra-portable nylon camping hammocks with rain flies. Choose among a variety of hammock stands for indoors and outdoors, including minimalist steel stands that disassemble for easy storage, poolside C-style stands with built-in canopies, and elegant arc-shaped hardwood varieties. Think outside the bed. The hammock may be the sleep experience your back has been aching for.