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About Hammer Drills

A hammer drill works better than a normal rotary drill in many instances, particularly when working with masonry. You can often use a hammer drill in either a rotary only or rotary-and-hammer mode. The latter gives the drill more punching power as it breaks material, allowing for faster drilling with less effort, which is particularly useful when installing electrical boxes into masonry. This type works well for a variety of projects because you can turn the hammering feature off. Although similar, a rotary hammer drill only works in the rotary-and-hammer mode, but it offers more power for drilling through stone because of a piston hammering action. However, you should only use this tool on masonry projects. You can find either on eBay in new and pre-owned condition from brands, including Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee. In addition, you have the choice of a corded or cordless hammer drill as well. However, the corded variety often provides more power for bigger jobs. For tough construction jobs, a hammer drill makes punching holes in a variety of materials faster and easier. Is that not worth the cost of a high quality tool?