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About Halo Costumes

Master Chief is one of the most iconic video game characters in history, and now you can climb into the combat armor and fight off the Flood, yourself. With an authentic "Halo" costume, you look just like the Spartan warrior from the franchise video game series, which has sold millions of copies since its inception back in 2001. If you want to step into your own "Halo" Spartan costume, reliable sellers on eBay have great offers, depending on the level of detail you are interested in. A high end "Halo" deluxe costume comes with added accessories and features, like an included helmet and EVA armor, giving them a visceral sense of realism and authenticity. You can also buy a "Halo" helmet separately, if you prefer to make your own outfit. Not all "Halo" costumes come in the army green color. If you want some variation, find red and blue versions. Sizes vary for these costumes. Adult sizes top at around 44, particularly for deluxe editions, but some brands offer larger sizes. Kids sizes are also available, so the whole family can join up with the intergalactic fighting force.

The video game "Halo" has generated a strong following. Whether you are attending a convention or dressing up for a costume party, a Halo costume is sure to be a hit. Consider dressing up as the Master Chief, Halo's most iconic character. Browse costumes, reenactment & theater on eBay for a large selection of Halo costumes.