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About Hallmark Train Ornaments

If you were a child in the late ?70s and early ?80s, chances are you may have had a few Hallmark train ornaments on your Christmas tree. The brightly colored tin and metal train ornaments first appeared in 1982, and they remained popular until their discontinuation in 1989. You can find brand-new ornaments still in the box on eBay. They make wonderful display pieces for collectors of trains or Christmas ornaments. As an adult, you can share your love for Hallmark train ornaments with your own children by putting some modern trains on your own tree. Although the Lionel tin train ornaments were discontinued in 1989, Lionel Trains continued to create motion ornaments even to present day. Your children will thrill to see ornaments that light up, move, and even play music. The motion ornaments can certainly add a unique feel to your Christmas tree. It can be a very heartwarming moment when you can share something that was special to you as a child with your own children.