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About Hall Trees

Walk in the door, kick the day?s stress from your shoes, and toss your coat and hat to the nearby hall tree. An old, traditional decoration, these were built with the same care and caution as expertly crafted chairs, tables, and cabinetry. They exist in a variety of sizes and shapes, some possessing mirrors and compartments for storage, while some were merely a stand with pronged hooks for the hanging of garments. Still widely used, hall trees are often built out of lightweight imitation woods for easier storage and movement, and cheaper production costs. However, an antique hall tree usually consists of a much sturdier real wood construction, and often features some of the aforementioned accouterment. Reliable sellers on eBay have listed various hall tree designs and styles for your perusal, many not popularly manufactured in decades. A vintage hall tree is fully capable of bringing an air of nostalgia to even the most modern home; providing the same functions, it has for decades.