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About Hakko

A Hakko soldering machine allows you the versatility to complete a variety of jobs. The company produces everything needed in order to repair plastic, work with electronics, or even desolder connections. Specifically, the Hakko 936 uses 60 watts of power to work in temperatures ranging from 392 degrees F to 896 degrees F. To support this and other machines, the company also produces 12-piece sets of soldering tips for more precise melting of plastic and metal where needed. Available from eBay sellers, the Hakko 936 uses a knob for temperature control, whereas the Hakko FX-888 is smaller and a little more upscale, offering a digital readout, five preset temperatures that you choose, and a second stand for holding the ceramic heating element. It also maintains an idle temperature of 1.8 degrees and heats up very rapidly when needed. Whether you are working as a hobbyist or use a soldering iron daily, great tools provide the best results. Hakko tips and machines offer a wider amount of control than you find in other machines, thus making your work easier.