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About Hair Color Spray

Blue, pink, green, purple — we all get a hankering to experiment with wild and wacky hair colors every once in a while, but the thought of permanently altering the hair in such a dramatic way is often out of the question. Hair color spray is an ideal way to experiment with a fun, crazy hair color or quickly cover up grays without the fear of anything permanent. This spray often washes out with one shampoo, making it easy to alter your look temporarily. If crazy colors are not your thing, try a black or brown hair color spray to touch up your roots when you do not have time for a full dye job. Some sprays are heat-activated and designed to add subtle highlights, while others do double-duty by thickening your natural hair while enhancing its color. The large inventory of hair color sprays on eBay makes it easy to find the color for the look you want, whether you need to extend the time between salon visits or embrace your creative side with a vivid shade of hot pink.