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About Hagen Renaker

Hagen Renaker captures a world we often don't have time to enjoy?from cute little rabbits to majestic mustangs?in beautifully crafted ceramic miniatures. With many thousand different models created over the space of several decades, collecting a series of these figurines provides an enjoyable and challenging pastime. In fact, in some families, the hobby has persisted through generations. An American family owned company based in California, Hagen Renaker prides itself in the fact that it produces handcrafted ceramic figurines, resulting in a rich character that is beyond what newer plastic figures offer. The company makes many different series of figurines but collectors value Hagen Renaker horses the most. Choices include much more than just nature-themed miniatures?select from musical themes, holiday themes, and even Disney characters. Whichever type of figurine you are interested in, visit eBay to see what many reliable sellers have to offer. Expand your collection of exquisite figurines today by picking up a vintage Hagen Renaker or a figurine from one of the company's newer creations.