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About Haeger Vases

Originating in the small city of Dundee, Illinois in 1852, Haeger Potteries has established itself as one of the leading ceramics and pottery manufacturers in the United States due to its passion for high-quality artisanship, innovative design, and traditional manufacturing processes. Furthermore, within the wide assortment of Haeger ceramics and artfully crafted works of pottery, acquiring your very own Haeger vase brings you all of the most prominent aspects of this monumental pottery producer. From vintage Royal Haeger ceramics that come from the 1940s to modern, stylish vases that instantly brighten the mood in any room, each piece of pottery is a one-of-a-kind work of art that contains individualistic details and construction. Additionally, as Haeger specializes in ebony gloss ceramic animals, you can discover many flawless vases that feature kittens, geese, deer, and much more. Whether you are looking for a Royal Haeger vase, for a Haeger green vase, or for hundreds of other stylish vases in both vintage and brand-new condition, you can visit eBay to discover one of the most complete Haeger collections around. Experiencing the beauty and joy of this long established pottery manufacturer can become a reality with your own authentic Haeger vase.