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About .hack

Losing yourself in the virtual world may seem appealing at times, but in the .hack (Dot Hack) video game series, it is a sinister experience. The series consists of four different games, including .hack Infection, .hack Mutation, .hack Outbreak, and .hack Quarantine. Each game immerses players deep in the premise, which deals with the perils of a game within a game. Elements of the games come from the anime series .hack//Sign, in which the main character becomes trapped in an online game called The World. The video games boast a colorful setting, interesting characters, and a captivating storyline. The double-layered nature of the game allows users to explore a fantastical world of towns, dungeons, and countrysides and then "log out" and continue playing the in-game computer interface as part of the gaming experience. Shop for any of the .hack games on eBay, where reliable sellers supply a variety of preowned or new merchandise. Expect the .hack games' unique design and exciting plot to keep you and other players fascinated for hours on end.