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About H22 Pistons

Every car enthusiast has heard the phrase, "cheap, fast, and reliable: pick two," and when building an engine, those words continue to reign true. You deserve to build your Honda H22 engine to its utmost potential, and using the correct H22 pistons makes all the difference. A piston's main function is to transfer force from the combustion of an engine to the crankshaft, which in turn creates power. H22 turbo pistons feature forged alloys to handle excess power, while offering greater resistance to stress and cracking due to higher engine temperatures. Higher compression pistons feature dome heads, which create a larger combustion and dramatically increases the overall power of an engine. Be sure to replace your H22 piston rings to ensure a reliable rebuild. Find high-quality H22 pistons through the reliable sellers on eBay. Their easy to navigate inventories feature so many types of pistons that finding the right set your car is a breeze.