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About H&S Mini Maxx

Your diesel Dodge truck has more power than you can imagine — you just need a way to harness it. With an H&S Mini Maxx tuner, you can finally improve the efficiency of your truck while lowering its fuel consumption. H&S Performance makes tuners for Dodge, Ford, and GM trucks. For Dodge vehicles, there are three H&S Mini Maxx Cummins tuners and they work with the 5.9-liter and 6.7-liter Cummins engines found in diesel-powered trucks. Once installed, a Mini Maxx tuner allows you to read and clear vehicle diagnostic codes, adjust your truck's speed limiter, recalibrate the speedometer, and tune the transmission. You can also set four power levels and change this at the push of a button. Besides the stock power level, you can set your desired horsepower output for towing, street driving, and performance. The H&S Mini Maxx race tuner installs on the dashboard and comes with a display that provides a quick view of engine performance and temperature. Turn your truck from brute to hot rod when you pick up an H&S Mini Maxx tuner from the large inventory on eBay.