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About GY6 Performance

You love tearing up the trails in your GY6 dirt bike and cruising around the back roads on your GY6 scooter. Whether you are building a bike and need parts for a new engine or you need to replace the engine on your current ATV from wear and tear, GY6 performance parts are what you need for your GY6 vehicle. You can find a variety of parts such as a GY6 Performance clutch on the vast inventory on eBay. This racing clutch comes with a 1.5K torque spring and 2K RPM springs. It also includes an outer clutch drum that is drilled for extra cooling. You can also find a GY6 Performance exhaust system to add more speed and power to your scooter. It has a stylish carbon fiber look and provides a deep exhaust tone. All of the brackets and pipes are chrome plated, carbon steel. You can find these in multicolored chrome, black, or blue. Other products such as performance capacitor discharge ignition system engine and carburetors are available. Once you amp up your GY6 Performance vehicle, get ready to ride.