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About Gunne Sax

No one can say Jessica McClintock does not change with the times. The designer's Gunne Sax dresses from the 1970s were romantic prairie dresses — ankle length, tiny-print gowns that spoke to the "Flower Power" generation in direct reaction to the miniskirts of the 1960s. It did not hurt that McClintock's label was from San Francisco, which had a hippie cachet at the time. Brides, including a young Hillary Clinton, wore lace-trimmed white or pastel Gunne Sax dresses. In the 1980s, with Princess Diana the role model, McClintock's dresses became more bouffant, with wider sleeves and flounces. Today, the designer still makes prom dresses, but these are body conscious, mini, and often strapless, to suit a new generation. Those looking for a bit of nostalgia or retro charm, however, can find original 1970s "earth mother" or "I love the 1980s" looks, as well as gowns of more recent vintage. Choose a high-color, lace-trimmed Victorian blouse, a boho patchwork flowered skirt, or a prom-worthy little black dress. Something old, something new, something white, or something blue: a vast selection on eBay has something from Jessica McClintock that you cannot help but love.