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About Gundam

A Gundam is the space opera anime meta series that features robots, and started with Mobile Suitn Gundam in 1979. The series spawned many spin-offs in many different media, including mangas, books, video games, and, of course, the creation of Gundam action figures and models. Gundam models include the ever-popular Gundam Wing, colorful flying warriors with variations like the "Endless Waltz" Gundam figure, in both already designed versions and kits for putting together. Bandai Master Gundam, Astra Red Frame, Zeon, Gundam Superior Defender (SD), Gundam Unicorn, and other names that will be familiar to fans of the series are ready for display or play, and feature the cool lines and embellishments that characterize the original anime series and all of the art that has been produced around the theme ever since. All of this is readily available on eBay to add to your collection or find the perfect gift for someone of any age who is into the Gundam series.