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About Gumball Helmets

Amid the football memorabilia lining the shelves and display cabinets, your eyes catch upon the gumball helmets lined up in neat rows, with multiple variations of the team logo decal proudly displayed on the side of each tiny helmet. Since the 1960s, fans young and old hoard their quarters, saving them for the gumball machines in the store lobby. Inside the machines, miniature NFL gumball helmets await the lucky winner of the gumball lottery, when a favored team helmet rattles down the tube and into the eager collector's hands. The gumball helmets, made of plastic with NFL team logos on decals, changed through the years as the team logos evolved, making some teams' helmets more desirable and rare than others. The reliable sellers on eBay provide a wide range of NFL collectibles, including vintage mini gumball helmets from the 1960s and 1970s. Whether you are searching for a particular team helmet or lots of helmets, you can find the latest addition to your mini NFL helmet collection amid the detailed descriptions and photographs provided by the sellers.