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About Guitar Rack

A guitar rack is just the thing needed for keeping multiple guitars on hand and within reach at a gig. A folding guitar rack packs up neatly, so it takes up little space in your ride as you travel to and from gigs. It looks just as cool set up in your home studio or practice space, allowing you to keep your guitars safely set up and out of the way, so there is no danger of accidentally kicking over a tiny guitar stand and damaging one of your precious axes. A guitar wall rack or hanger allows you to store guitars on the wall, hanging them by the headstock for safekeeping. It is also a way to display guitars as art, whether they are playable or not. If you gig out or record, a guitar amp rack is also a great item to have. Opt for a custom-made rack to sit atop your amplifier, holding your favorite amp head or amp-modeling effects unit. No matter which type of guitar rack gear you need, reliable sellers on eBay have you covered.