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About Guinea Pig Cages

Keeping your guinea pig happy is all about making sure that it has everything it needs to be comfortable. providing an enriching guinea pig cage is your first step. Make your cavy comfy with a spacious wire cage that has an easy-to-clean removable bottom or grab an outdoor cage that can be permanently situated off the ground. If you have a rabbit, keep in mind that rabbits and guinea pigs are a closely related species with the same basic needs when it comes to habitat. Therefore, rabbit and guinea pig cages are often one in the same. Make sure that your guinea pig has entertainment in his habitat with a guinea cage that boasts extra tunnels and crannies for playful traveling fun. In the vast inventory on eBay, you can find just about any type of guinea pig cage you could want in an array of styles and sizes. Whether you need a small wire cage for little spaces or a massive play area that doubles as an enclosure with easy-access doors, you can be sure your guinea pig is happy and safe.