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About Guinea Pigs

A guinea pig is a gateway pet. They don't bark and they don't need training, but a child can learn about feeding, cleaning, handling, and the joy of successfully keeping a pet alive and healthy. Guinea pig houses and cages are veritable condos now, with plenty of room for the guinea pig to roam around without having to be taken out, because you or your child can see your guinea pig is getting plenty of exploring experience. Guinea pig toys enhance intelligence and keep your pet from taking out his in-built chewing on his furnishings or your hands. With the right motivation like delicious treats, you can even train guinea pigs to fetch their toys. Like puppies, guinea pigs need to be socialized young, to get them used to handling and playing. Otherwise, these cute and cuddly animals become untouchable and aggressive. You can find everything you need for your pet from the reliable sellers on eBay. So raise your piglets right and start them early in playtime. Pets are always such joys when they're healthy and happy.