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About Guild Wars

Gain the awesome powers of a Mesmer, Monk, Elementalist, or Necromancer, or excel in combat as a Warrior or Ranger. Guild Wars lets you develop a heroic alter-ego to explore the incredible in-game landscape. For the most difficult quests, you can invite others to join your party and share in the fighting and looting. Instead of sharing the quest map with other players, you and your party have your own separate instances and missions, and as a result you also possess the freedom to change the world with the choices you make and the powers that you have. A large part of the game is joining up with a guild so that you can partner with other gamers, challenge rival Guild Wars factions, and wield enough power to take over entire sections of the map. To experience first-hand the impressive variety and fascinating quests of Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2, buy a new or used copy of the game online from a reliable eBay seller. Enjoy a constant influx of new, fascinating story content without having to download any patches.