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About Guess Wallets

If you can spare a bit of change, Guess wallets are just what you need for a new and different look. These wallets come in your favorite styles including full-zip wallets, folding wallets, and small wallets ideal for storing loose coins. You can find them with many different textures and designs including canvas, suede, and soft leather. Canvas wallets make nice choices when you need a small and sturdy item for transporting your valuables. Canvas offers a harder, thicker shell than many materials, making it ideal for daily use. It resists tearing and repels water, which, in turn, increases wallet longevity. Leather makes a sound choice for a hardy material too, and gives wallets an elegant look. You can find it in many items including Guess zip-around wallets. These wallets feature durable leather outer layers with inner linings of polyester. A finishing polish around the outside gives these wallets an attractive shine, while studs of faux jewels, such as diamond and gold, create a fun and classy look. A three-side zipper lets you open the wallet for a full interior view. For a sleek and slender item, consider Guess trifold wallets. These wallets keep your cards and cash securely inside of folding wings, while a snap front closure holds them shut. Thanks to the large inventory on eBay, you have many Guess wallets from which to select.