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About Gucci Watch Bands

Love at first tick was how you felt when you put your hands on your first Gucci watch. As time progresses, its watch face still brings a smile to yours, but you are ready for an updated Gucci watch band. Watch bands from Gucci offer a variety of interesting styles to freshen up your wrist ensemble. Styles range from replacement rubber straps to lizard leather bands. Maybe pick up a few different styles, knowing you have the option to change the look as it corresponds to the occasion. You can find a ladies' Gucci watch band in gold for a special night out, or one with the symbolic "GG" canvas and red trimmed detailing that is ideal for everyday wear. Additionally, men's Gucci watch bands come in designs fit for multipurpose use, and tend to be wider set than the women's bands, generally measuring between 14 mm and 26 mm. You can find Gucci bands for both men and women in the vast inventory available on eBay. The durability of the genuine leather and quality rubber make Gucci watch bands a worthwhile purchase.