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About Gucci Perfume

When you finally got up enough nerve to ask your boss which fragrance she was wearing, you were surprised to find out it was Gucci Pink perfume. You have been wearing Gucci No. 1 for years, but this Gucci perfume was not as heavy and seemed more girlish. It is part of the Gucci II perfume line, and the name "Pink" just seemed to stick due to the light pink color of the perfume and the hot pink box packaging. The scent is reminiscent of raspberries with a woodsy undertone and lingers throughout the day for a light and airy scent. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a variety of Gucci perfume options, including Gucci Rush for women and Gucci Guilty for men. If you are not sure which Gucci scent is the best for you, perfume gift sets include a variety of fragrances in mini bottles to test before purchasing a larger bottle of your favorite scent. Other gift sets include body lotions, large perfume bottles, as well as a purse size bottle for on the go.