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About GTX

When you play your favorite computer games, you want smooth transitions and stunning, realistic graphics. To achieve this, many gamers install after-market graphics cards, such as GTX cards, into their computers. The graphics cards included with the computer are typically not powerful enough to handle computer gaming. When dealing with gaming, the name of the game as far as graphics cards are concerned is speed. To achieve the speeds needed to keep up with point-of-view and other graphics-heavy games, these cards need quite a bit of memory—a minimum of 1GB is preferred, although more is always better. The GTX 580 graphics card provides plenty of memory with 1.5GB; however, those who can afford it can consider the GTX 670, which offers a whopping 2GB of memory. Find these graphics cards as well as others in the GTX lineup through the reliable sellers on eBay. Install your new graphics card with ease, then get ready to shoot ‘em up and play your heart out until the wee hours of the morning.