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About GT500 Wheels

After several restoration products, your GT 500 is still lacking that final, finishing touch. A fantastic looking set of GT 500 wheels is the ultimate accessory to complete your vehicle's look. The vast inventory on eBay lets buyers browse through numerous options until they find a set that they love. You are able to select wheels that are specially designed for the GT 500 to ensure a perfect fit. Other wheels may be compatible with your car's make and model, but you must check the specifications to know for sure. Whatever model year you need, there is a set of GT 500 wheels out there for you. Common sizes for the GT 500's rims vary anywhere from 17 to 20 inches. Drivers can select the size that gives them the ideal combination of performance and style. Available styles include deep dish rims, assorted spoke patterns, and unique star designs. Most styles are offered in a silver, black, white, or chrome color. Some are custom painted to combine one of these standard shades with a bold, bright color. Your vehicle project is not complete until your Mustang is outfitted with a flashy set of GT 500 wheels.